A Day At The 'Olivarera De Casariche' Cooperative




One of the great distinguishing features of Agro Sevilla is its cooperative nature, its connection to the socio-economic fabric of Andalusia and its commitment to the rural environment. Our structure is made up of thirteen olive cooperatives in the heart of Andalusia, in the provinces of Córdoba, Málaga and Seville. Today we take a look at the Olivarera de Casariche cooperative, whose plant collects olives from more than 570 members.

This cooperative was established in 1994 as a result of the merger between Cooperativa de Aderezo Los Lirios and Cooperativa Santiago Apóstol de Casariche. Since then, the cooperative has been growing in relevance, and today has over 2,650 hectares of land under cultivation. Most of it is dedicated to the region's most common olive, the hojiblanca variety, and annual turnover around7 million euros.

These figures demonstrate the valuable contribution of the Olivarera de Casariche cooperative to the economy of this municipality and the surrounding area, building well-being together with the associated growers for more than 20 years.

Use of Technology and Sustainability

The facilities of the Olivarera de Casariche cooperative have also improved over this time. An automated unloading yard allows for the controlled entrance of the olives. From there, depending on what they are to be used for, the olives are passed to the oil press or to the table olive processing section. The automation of the harvest as well as the systems used in the table olive processing or olive mills ensure full traceability of the product. Another example of the progressive use of technology is the use of artificial vision systems in the processing lines to sort the olives by size and quality.

Agro Sevilla’s global leadership in the production of table olives, has, since the very beginning, been based on its cooperatives, its human capital and its growers. It is committed to an olive sector that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. At its facilities, the Olivarera de Casariche cooperative generates direct employment, but even more important are the indirect jobs that it creates as the backbone of much of the agricultural activity in the area. In an increasingly global market, helping to maintain a certain way of rural life in a fair way while remaining leaders is part of the wealth of Agro Sevilla and its cooperatives.