Behind a miracle there is always a story. Ours began forty years ago, when a group of cooperatives decided to join in what is now Agro Sevilla, the reference cooperative of the Spanish table olives and the world’s largest producer.                     

The origins of Agro Sevilla

In 1972, five table olive cooperatives were part of UTECO Sevilla, a territorial union of cooperatives aimed at providing various services to cooperatives in the province of Seville.

In December 1977, they gave a turn to their activity and established Agro Sevilla. Their goal: to market their table olives. From there onwards the number of member cooperatives increased.                  

80s, the jump overseas

During the 80s Agro Sevilla decided to market its olives abroad. This sales expansions has a significant milestone in 1987, when the group established a subsidiary company in the USA, and beginning direct sales in this country the following year. 

The internationalization process of Agro Sevilla has followed a constant evolution until today, as we currently export our table olives to more than 70 countries worldwide. 

Recognition and consolidation

Agro Sevilla receives in 1989 the “Rainbow Award of Cooperativism”, to “The Best Cooperative”. These awards, created in 1988, recognize the trajectory of business initiatives and relevant figures in the social economy that have promoted cooperativism.
In 1991, A.S. Comercio y Servicios, S.A. is set up for the corporate management of the group, both domestic and international. In February 1994, Aceites Agro Sevilla is established, an olive oil bottling plant in La Puebla de Cazalla (Seville). Since that year, Agro Sevilla has been the largest table olive exporter in Spain, with an approximate 95% export quota over the total production.        
In 1999, Agro Sevilla acquired an olive manufacturing plant in Mendoza, Argentina. Agro Sevilla Argentina was the implementation of our strategy in Latin America to overcome the restrictions imposed by MERCOSUR on the UE table imports and to guarantee the supply in Brazil. The 21st century starts with the establishment of Agro Sevilla Chile in 2001.

In 2009, Agro Sevilla received the “Alas” Award for international implementation, awarded by Extenda, the Andalusian agency for international promotion of the regional government of Andalusia.

More cooperatives join Agro Sevilla

In 2015, Agro Sevilla incorporated Utreace as a member cooperative. Located in Utrera (Seville), the main producing area of the gordal olive variety in Spain. This cooperative strengthens Agro Sevilla as the largest exporter of table olives in Spain. In 2017, Agro Sevilla continued its growth with the incorporation of the Cooperativa Agrícola Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados de Puente Genil (Córdoba).

These new cooperatives reaffirm the essence of Agro Sevilla and its dynamic role in the economic and social activity of our environment. As a result of this model, Agro Sevilla has created 500 direct jobs and more than 4,500 indirect jobs through its cooperatives, generating more than 27 million euros each year in daily harvest wages.