Agro Sevilla, a success story from the heart of Andalusia


The road traveled by Agro Sevilla is a magnificent demonstration of the ability to work and improve in Andalusia. A history of perseverance and effort that has led to success.

Our people have reached levels that seemed unthinkable in other times. Since its origin in 1977, Agro Sevilla has been building an authentic business miracle: to be the leading producer and exporter of table olives in the world. The architects of this leadership are people with names and surnames, protagonists of a history of effort, commitment and confidence in the future. The Andalusian olives from Agro Sevilla nowadays reach and that is thanks to the family of workers who in these four decades have shown an exemplary dedication.

The sea of olive trees in our fields not only gives character to the landscape and identification with the land. It also contributes in an essential way to the prosperity of our towns. Agro Sevilla has become an engine of economic and social development in Andalusia, boosting agricultural activity, creating jobs and contributing to the improvement of rural life.

The global leadership of Agro Sevilla is a virtue shared with all of Andalusia and a source of pride for all Andalusians.

The value of Andalusian cooperativism

Agro Sevilla plays a key role as a catalyst for the economic activity of our community. Around 500 direct jobs and more than 4,000 indirect jobs through our cooperatives and our farmer partners confirm this fact, reaching in addition to 27 million euros the total volume of harvest days each year. And all this thanks to a model based on cooperativism.

As a cooperative made up of cooperatives, Agro Sevilla plays a decisive role in the modernization of Andalusian agriculture. Our 12 cooperatives are an example of sustainable development of agricultural activity, with innovation and respect for the environment and contributing, from the beginning, to the total traceability of our products and food safety.

Recently, Agro Sevilla received recognition from the Andalusian regional government as a Priority Associative Entity of Andalusia (EAPA). This recognition means a further boost to the work in common and the philosophy of rooting with the environment that defines Agro Sevilla.