Agro Sevilla, an active part of society


Agro Sevilla is the result of a common dream. We have become what we are today thanks to our land, and the efforts of the people from our communities has made possible the world leadership of Agro Sevilla as a producer and exporter of table olives.

Naturally, we express the gratitude that we feel for our community and environment through, amongst other things, a comprehensive program of activities that benefit the community.

What our commitment means

To our commitment to the environment  and sustainability, we add our pledge to the society around us to which we owe so much, and our contribution to the economic fabric of Andalusia and the wellbeing of our people. In short, Agro Sevilla works on a daily basis to consolidate harmony in our natural, social and economic environment.
Agro Sevilla’s policy of Corporate Social Responsibility is implemented through sponsorships, schemes, collaborations, agreements and arrangements with community organizations and projects. The main areas in which our social work is carried out are:

●  The fight against unemployment and poverty. We endeavour to create job opportunities for people with employability difficulties or at risk of social exclusion.

●  The protection of children. Especially, the protection of children most in need of attention, due to cases of illness, disabilities, etc.

●  The promotion of culture and sport. We focus on these social activities as forms of community development that promote principles and values of solidarity.

Social activities year after year

The commitment of Agro Sevilla to the society of our communities is renewed year after year.  We collaborate with many NGOs, non profit-making bodies, Academic Institutions, Local Corporations and associations.

In the last year, Agro Sevilla has collaborated with three bodies that undertook commendable social work: the ‘Crisol Aydis de Casariche’, ‘Manos Amigas de El Saucejo’ and ‘Avas de Puente Genil’ associations. Agro Sevilla made a donation of 3.000 € to each of these associations as a contribution to their social projects.

Crisol Aydis is an association that looks to improve quality of life for people with disabilities, providing them with the necessary support at all stages of their lives. To achieve this services such as speech therapy, pedagogical support, physiotherapy and other activities and workshops are used.
Avas is committed to the defence of human dignity and the promotion of people at risk of exclusion, through a wide range of socio-educational support activities.
Manos Amigas carries out preventative and educational initiatives with young people within the municipality, via talks, discussions, seminars, workshops, sessions and leisure activities, among other things.