Agro Sevilla’s commitment to the environment

Agro Sevilla

The Climate Summit  in Madrid (COP25) has made the challenge of a sustainable future in all production areas clear for Spanish society. In this constant challenge, agriculture plays a crucial role and parts like the olive sector are an example of solidarity and commitment to respecting the environment.  The olive grove is a remarkable model of equilibrium and sustainability, guaranteeing a greener future. Taking great care of the environment which offers us all a way of life, every day, is a responsibility that we have always maintained in Agro Sevilla as a cornerstone of our philosophy. The olive grove is the origin of a crop around which the culture and landscape of our land turns, the essence of our reason for being.

A sustainable, quality product

Our commitment to the environment leads us, first of all, to the development of sustainability, whose principal objective is to minimize impact on the nature of the olive grove

Agro Sevilla has the ISO 14.001 standards certificate, which ensures sustainable production and reinforces our respect for the environment. This commitment to the environment is what preserves the excellent quality of our crop. To achieve this, we work rigorously along two main lines:

Use of the highest quality treated water:

  • Treated water for brine.
  • Water treated with reverse osmosis for autoclaves and pasteurisation equipment.

Zero waste policy. Treatment of all our waste water via the following methods:

  • Water purification.
  • Evaporation of wastewater using mechanical evaporators.
  • Evaporation pools (total surface area 233,000 m2).

Agro Sevilla’s integrated production system

The integrated production system, officially certified by the Andalusian regional government, is an essential element to comply with the principle of agricultural sustainability we have been talking about. But, what does it consist of?

Integrated Olive Grove Production promotes sustainable agriculture through various premises of mandatory compliance: the conservation of natural resources, optimizing production thanks to technical implementations; rationality in the use of resources to conserve the environment and food security; reduction in the use of fertilizers and phytosanitary products to minimize environmental impact; and corporate rigor, whose environmental responsibilities are ensured by strict compliance with our sustainable commitment. In this article we talk more about our Integrated Olive Grove Production.