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Benefits of olives in fighting the cold

Winter is coming, the cold arrives and this causes our immune system to weaken. The peak season for colds begins. Sneezing, fever, cough, mucus … Common symptoms that we can prevent by being cautious, listening to our body and leading a healthy life.

Eating a healthy diet, which provides us with all the necessary nutrients, is vital to achieve this. In addition to traditional natural resources to fight colds (honey, orange …), we have a perhaps less well-known ally: the olive.

A snack that we use at any time of the year for appetizers or elaborate dishes. However, you probably aren’t aware of all the properties of olives to protect your health.

Olives strengthen the immune system

Olives are a source of vitamins A and E and minerals. These nutrients combine to give the olive a great antioxidant power, good for strengthening our immune system.

That is why, in colder seasons such as autumn and winter, they are our best ally. They help our defenses against colds and flu and play an important preventive role in these illnesses.

A mouthful of energy

Another very beneficial aspect of the olive lies in its energy value. Giving our body the strength and energy that we so need in this cold season, in which the hours of sunshine are scarcer.

Contrary to popular belief, although the energy value of olives is high, its caloric value is not so high. Ten olives do not reach 100 kcal, and experts recommend eating seven of them a day.

Preventing cardiovascular diseases

Olives contain a generous amount of Omega 9, also called oleic acid. Its main function is the reduction of blood pressure. In this way, cardiovascular diseases are prevented, bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood are reduced.

Vitamin E also prevents the oxidation of lipoproteins, which translates into greater cardiovascular health.


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