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A world-class olive oil producer and exporter

In Agrosevilla have succeeded in many countries, olives have a name besides that this  is synonymous with qulity from the source and confidence in our products.

By delivering quality assurance appled at the source to all the varieties of olive produced by the Agrosevilla cooperative society, our products are now a leading brand and a benchmark for major distribution chains, restaurant owners, and consumers in general.

Thousands of people from different parts of the worls are familiar with our olives and our olive oil, and they have trusted our four brands for many years 

Our brands


Since 1977 Agrosevilla has been a leading brand and benchmark in the industry, synonymous with quality applied at the source, and because we only sell olives harvested by us: olives that have been grown, selected, and processed by our olive-growers.

Experience allows us to innovate every day, maintaining prestige and quality that are acknowledged worldwide.


This is our flagship brand; the Coopoliva logo is well known and recognised in all the countries in which it is marketed. This olive and olive oil brand is widely recognised by consumers and has a market share of over 50% in countries such as Saudi Arabia, and similar shares in other markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, etc. 

Coopoliva has a wide variety of stuffed specialties and different preparations adapted to the local tastes and preferences of each region.

Seville Premium

The Seville Premium brand was set up for the purpose of spreading the olive culture and the age-old tradition of olive-growing throughout the world. 

The mission statement of this brand is to spread the Mediterranean lifestyle and the traditional methods we use every day to manufacture our products through the taste of our olives and our olive oil.


This is our youngest brand. It is excellent value for money and comes in a wide range of formats that are adapted to the markets of each country. 

Olicoop offers a basic ingredient for the shopping trolley and is targeted at consumers who are looking for a functional product with the guarantee of our company.