Olive tree pests: a guide to the most frequent problems

Plagas del olivo

Like what happens with all crops, decades of specialisation and growing monocrops have made olive tree pests proliferate and are making them increasingly more resilient. This can put the entire plantation at risk. How do I know if an olive tree has a pest? In general, you’ve got to be highly alert to any changes […]

Agrosevilla obtains the top ranking in the BRC food safety standard

Agrosevilla, a world benchmark for the production, packaging, marketing and sale of table olives, renewed its BRC food safety certification, achieving an AA+ score, the highest ranking awarded by this association. The company also renewed the IFS Higher Level certificate, obtaining its top historical score.  The olive factory of Agrosevilla, located in La Roda de […]

Trade Fairs for Agrosevilla in 2022

After two years in which we have seen our presence at events reduced, we return with great strength, enthusiasm and also projects to talk about. At Agrosevilla we are delighted to once again have the opportunity to take our products all over the world and to see partners, clients and friends from all countries.

5 different ways to enjoy olives

Olives are a very versatile food. They can be used in both traditional and more elaborate dishes. On their own or as an accompaniment, in salads or in stews. They are perfect as an aperitif, whatever time of day it is, and even for dessert.

Benefits of olives in fighting the cold

Winter is coming, the cold arrives and this causes our immune system to weaken. The peak season for colds begins. Sneezing, fever, cough, mucus … Common symptoms that we can prevent by being cautious, listening to our body and leading a healthy life.

An ancient tradition that reinvents itself: the evolution of the ‘verdeo’.

As if it were a ritual, the ‘verdeo’ takes place year after year as the end and beginning of a new cycle of the olive grove. A cycle that moves to the rhythm of the seasons: from the first buds that sprout to flowering, from flowering to fruit setting, from setting to veraison (change of colour) and once again the harvest. Throughout the year, farmers use all their knowledge and experience in the care of the olive grove.

Why eat olives in summer: benefits of a healthy and refreshing food

Any time of the year is good to enjoy something as delicious and healthy as olives; but in summer, there are also a series of circumstances that make this product the perfect ally in our day-to-day life. Good weather entices us to spend more time outside, doing water sports, outdoor activities, enjoying more hours of sun and olives have nutritional qualities that help the body to stay healthy in summer.

Our cooperatives are the heart of Agrosevilla

Cooperativism is in our DNA. Agrosevilla was born as a joint effort and to this day, the company continues to beat to the rhythm set by our farmers, cooperatives and workers. This joint effort represents the cooperative spirit that characterises us, the commitment to a common project and authenticity in everything we do.

Committed to its natural and social environment

At Agrosevilla we have always been committed to sustainable production, respectful of both our natural and social environment. We grow in equilibrium with the environment, people and resources.