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Committed to its natural and social environment

At Agrosevilla we have always been committed to sustainable production, respectful of both our natural and social environment. We grow in equilibrium with the environment, people and resources.

Quality products, safe and with the least possible impact

We have an Integrated Production System, a policy focused on four key principles: quality management, food safety, risk prevention and respect for the environment. 

“All these principles, together with the commitment to comply with both the applicable legislation and other requirements assumed in all the aforementioned areas, are ensured by achieving a high degree of staff involvement through continuous training in all aspects of the system, promoting the participation of all employees to ensure a high-performance management system and continuous improvement”.

As an example, at Agrosevilla we have the ISO 14.001 standard certificate, which guarantees sustainable production. This commitment is translated into actions such as:

  • Use of the highest quality treated water
  • Treated water for brine
  • Reverse osmosis treated water for autoclaves and pasteurization equipment
  • Zero waste policy
  • We treat all of our wastewater using the following methods like water purification, evaporation, etc.

Agrosevilla’s social commitment

Committed, we are the economic engine of our environment. Agrosevilla generates more than 4,000 indirect jobs through its twelve member cooperatives and more than 400 direct jobs in its facilities. We are proud of our roots and this is shown by our commitment to the development of our immediate environment.


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