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Cookies policy


  1. Use of cookies

  2. Types, purpose and functioning of the cookies

  3. How to disable cookies in the most commonly-used browsers

  4. What happens if we disable the cookies

  5. Changes in the cookies policy


  1. Use of cookies by the website

In this web page, cookies are used. Cookies are files sent to a browser via a web server to record user activities in a website or services of the website of AGRO SEVILLA (hereinafter, the services). Cookies are used to facilitate faster access to the selected services and to personalize the services offered by the webs of AGRO SEVILLA, based on regular selections and preferences of the user, when using the services.

Cookies are associated with an anonymous user and their computer and do not collect personal data. The user may configure his/her browser so as to prohibit the installation of the cookies used by the webs of AGRO SEVILLA, without this implying rejection of access to services, however, by prohibiting the installation of the cookies, the speed and functioning of the website may be decreased, and the use of some of the services available may be impeded.

Classification of cookies based on their duration:

Session cookies” or “Persistent cookies”: the former are eliminated upon closing the browser, whereas the latter remain in the computer equipment.

First party cookies” or “Third party cookies”: based on whether or not they are served by the own web domain or by a third party.

Classification of cookies based on their purpose:

User input cookies or session cookies: They are used for session start up, shopping carts, etc.

  • Authentication cookies: Identify the user once logging into the system

  • User centric cookies: Cookies directed to increasing the safety of a service requested by the user, such as controlling the security upon repeatedly attempting to access a registration system.

  • Multimedia player session cookies (Flash cookies): used to store technical data necessary for the reproduction of video or audio (such as the quality of the image and the speed of the network)

  • Load balancing session cookies: these cookies only store information on points of connection (technical cookies)

  • UI customization cookies: tend to be used to personalize the appearance of the website (language, etc.)

  • Social plug-in content sharing cookies: the social networks tend to have “plug-in modules” that the website owners may integrate into their platforms so that users of the social networks may share content with their contacts. These plug-ins tend to involve the installation of cookies in the user equipment.

  • Third party advertising: cookies used for networks of third party advertisements.

  • Analytical cookies: generate statistics on visitor flow, browsing patterns, etc.

  • AddThis

  • Cookies to link content and share social network files. They provide information regarding which content is the most frequently shared and through which social networks.

  • Google Analytics

Every time a user visits a service, an external provider tool (Google Analytics) provides a web analysis service.

This service is provided by Google, Inc., a company located in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States of America.

Google uses cookies, with which it conducts statistical analyses on the Website. The information collected from the cookies (including the IP address) is managed and stored by Google in its US servers.

Google uses this information and provides AGRO SEVILLA with statistical data on the use of the website, transmitting said information to third parties when legally required to do so, or when said third parties treat the information provided by Google. The purpose of these cookies is:

To know the number of visitors and the time of browsing in our website.

To know which content is most frequently visited.

To know if the user is new or has previously visited the website.

AGRO SEVILLA reserves the right to use cookies in the user’s browsing of the web page, to facilitate the personalization and ease of browsing. Following the company’s data protection policy, we inform you that the cookies are associated with the anonymous user and his/her computer and do not provide any private user data.

The user may reject treatment of the data or the information, by rejecting the use of cookies via the selection of the appropriate browser configuration. However, you should be aware that when doing so, it is possible that you will not be able to use the website with its full functionality.

This webpage uses the remarketing tool of Google AdWords. This tool permits the publication in the web of content of Google announcements based on prior user visits to our web. To do so, some of the pages of our website include a remarketing label that configures the cookies to determine the type of announcement that shall be shown to the user, depending on the browsing that has been carried out on the website. The remarketing lists are stored in a database of the Google servers, where all IDs of the cookies associated with each list or category of interest is stored. Information that may identify the user shall never be stored.

This webpage uses Google Analytics, an analytical service of the website, which uses cookies, provided by Google, Inc., a company from Delaware whose main office is located in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, United States of America (“Google”). Google Analytics uses cookies to help a web page to analyse the user’s use of the same. The information generated by the cookie concerning the webpage use (including its IP address) shall be directly transmitted and stored by Google in its US servers.

By using this website, you are considered aware of the information treatment by Google in the form and for the means described above.

You may deactivate the use of Google cookies via the privacy configuration of your browser, at the links detailed below in this “Cookies Policy”.


  1. Types, purposes and functioning of the cookies used in the webpage

The cookies that are currently being used in the webpage are:

Cookie name

1stof 3rdParty


Date of expiration

Implies access to personal data?

Type of cookie




Cookie to recall the user’s choice to accept cookies

One year






Cookie to block the user who has selected it.






It is used to differentiate between the different objects of follow-up created in the session. The cookie is created upon loading the JavaScript library and there is no prior version of the _gat cookie. The cookie is updated every time data are sent to Google Analytics.

10 minutes as of its installation





Used to store a unique client identifier (client ID) which is a randomly generated number. Once the ID has been generated, it is stored in the cookie and included in each hit or request sent to Google Analytics. Then, the Google Analytics servers use it to calculate the data on users, sessions and campaigns. The _ga cookie may only be accessed via the domain in which JavaScript code is used.

Expires at 24 months (two years) and the expiration is updated every time a hit is sent





Used to distinguish between users

1 day




  1. How to disable cookies in the main browsers

They may be disabled or blocked with the configuration tools of your browser. The browser permits rejection of the installation of all cookies, or the rejection of only some of them.

Below we indicate some links to tools of the main browsers, where you may be informed of how to disable the cookies:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Internet Explorer

Version 5

Version 6

Versions 7 y 8

Version 9

Version 10 and subsequent

  1. What happens if the cookies are disabled

If the cookies are disabled, you may continue to use our website, but it is possible that some of the services and/or links may no longer function or that you will not be able to initiate or maintain the interactive session with the webpage services, and that we will not be able to obtain valuable information from you that may allow us to offer you content in accordance with your interests, ensuring easier and faster access to the information that interests you.

  1. Changes in the cookies policies

AGRO SEVILLA may modify this cookies policy, either by including new cookies due to a need for new content that may be offered, or based on legislative or regulatory demands, making it necessary to change the same. Therefore, users are advised to visit this policy every time they begin browsing the web, and every time they return to visit it again.


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