A day in the Casariche Olive Cooperative


What it commonly identifies Agrosevilla is the cooperative basis organization, the liaison to the Andalucian socio-economic fabric and its commitment with the rural environment. Our organization consist of eleven olive cooperatives located in the green heart of Andalucia. They are spread across the province of Seville and Málaga. Today, we are visiting the Casariche Cooperative, whose plant recollects olives of more than 570 partnership.
This cooperative was created in 1994 as the result of the Aderezo Los Lirios Cooperative and Santiago Apóstol de Casariche Cooperative union. Since then, the cooperative has been growing in stature as far as leading the 2,650 crops hectares.

They are mostly destined to the main olive variety of the area, the ‘hojiblanca’ olive. The cooperative has even reached the net annual turnover of approximately 7 millions of euros . 
According to this records, the Casariche Cooperative is demonstrated to considerably contributes to the town’s and its surroundings economy. For more than 20 years, the cooperative, together with other associated farmers, has been creating welfare. 

Technification and sustainability

The Casariche Cooperative facilities have been growing as well. An automatized patio for olive reception allows to control the olives entrances. Then, depending of its final result, the olive goes to the olive press or to the seasoning section. The automation of the recollection, as well as the seasoning and olive press applied systems, guarantee the product traceability. As example of this progressive technification, the seasoning chain incorporates machine vision system which can classify the olive.

In this way, we can appreciate how the Agro Sevilla global leadership in the table olive production has its origins in the cooperative and the labour force. Indeed, Agro Sevilla has a strong commitment with the olive sector which is also sustainable in environmentally friendly, economic and social terms. The Casariche Cooperative creates direct jobs, but it is more relevant the creation of indirect jobs as supportive of a large proportion of the area agricultural industry. In a more globalized world, helping to fairly maintain a rural way of life while being leaders is the big achievement of Agro Sevilla and its cooperatives.