4 olive preparations that triumph everywhere

Agro Sevilla

Olives, in multiple formats and very diverse moments, delight anyone. Olives are an excellent appetizer, sometimes a key dressing of delicious bites, and also a basic ingredient in elaborate recipes. This great versatility is based not only on the different varieties of olives, but also on how to prepare them in the production phase. Below we will detail the four preparations that make Agro Sevilla olives a world-wide benchmark of quality.


Both organisations have agreed to carry out a number of promotional activities with the purpose of increasing the household product’s consumption. This confirms Spain and Andalucia’s investment in this strategic market.

The campaign is placed under the heading of ‘Olives from Spain’. This premise looks for the British consumer to better associate the product to its Spanish origin, a purpose also applicable to the rest of markets. ‘Olives from Spain’ is assembled by different channels, not only offline but also online, with several actions like outdoor advertising, events and showcookings or a microsite and social media profiles.

Our role as a Spanish and Andalucian brand ambassador is performed daily through strong brands as Coopoliva
Agro Sevilla World Leader

The role of Agro Sevilla in the international table olive trade is fundamental. As a world leader, our importance in all the outdoors-promoted sectoral actions is specially relevant. In addition, our role as a Spanish and Andalucian brand ambassador is performed daily through strong brands as Coopoliva.

Related to the context in which the new UK campaign is carried out, it should be stressed the interesting opportunities that are showing up regarding consumers' new behaviours. Traditionally, British consumers have appreciated table olives as an excellent ingredient to prepare snacks and in Mediterranean cuisine recipes such as pizzas and salads. However, marinated olives are finding their way into the shelves and counters.