From the olive tree to your table, the Agro Sevilla olives


Andalusian olives are a food that can be enjoyed with the highest quality by consumers around the world. Thanks to Agro Sevilla, the olives of our land reach our consumers with all their properties preserved 100%.

In the process of preparing table olives, each step is essential to maintain the quality that has made us world leaders in this product.

How are the olives collected and transported?

From the very beginning, since they are in the tree, olives are treated with the greatest care by our farmers. So that the fruit does not deteriorate, olives are collected with the utmost of care. The olive tree is shaken in a very specific way, with a rod or a mechanical arm, causing the fruit to fall onto nets placed underneath so that they don’t have any contact with the ground. This stage of the olive cycle is known as the “verdeo”.

All olives are picked green. Once harvested, olives are taken to the cooperatives. Here they are classified and sorted to become green or black olives. Green olives undergo a curing and fermentation process that lasts several months. Black olives are preserved “raw” in brine. In both cases, the olives will be transported, without suffering any damage, from the cooperatives to our factory in La Roda, where a new phase of the process begins.

Only the best olives

Agro Sevilla carries out an thorough quality control of the olives together with the cooperatives. In this way, the olives arrive from the cooperatives to the factory already classified by quality and size.

The quality controls in Agro Sevilla are rigorous and guarantee that the product always maintains its excellence levels.

Preparations according to taste

At our production center in La Roda de Andalucía, green olives can be prepared in four ways: pitted, stuffed, sliced ​​or whole.

The black olives present particularities in their elaboration: raw olives are oxidized (process in which they acquire that characteristic black color), and once oxidized, they are prepared whole, pitted or sliced.

Here you can learn more about the preparations of our olives. Which one is your favorite?

Security guarantee

Organoleptic and nutritional properties of the olives, as well as their food safety, need to be preserved by certain thermal procedures.

Green olives are pasteurized and black olives are sterilized. The main differences between both processes lie in the level of temperature and time applied, which in the case of black olives greater due to the oxidation process.

All these steps guarantee that consumers in the world have at their disposal our olives in perfect condition for a long period of time. Once the product has been labeled with all the necessary information for traceability purposes and in compliance with the regulations of each country, our brands are distributed to more than 70 international markets.