Manzanilla, gordal and hojiblanca, three excellent olives from Agro Sevilla

Agro Sevilla

The world of table olives is rich and complex. Not all olives have the same appearance or flavour. In Agro Sevilla we try to take advantage of the wealth provided by the olive groves and, for this reason, we have been cultivating the best olive varieties for more than 40 years, preserving the richness of our land and enjoying its fruits in a manner most respectful of tradition and the environment.

Agro Sevilla produces three varieties of olive: manzanilla, hojiblanca and gordal. All of the highest organoleptic and nutritional quality, which do you prefer?


The manzanilla olive is world-famous, the most widespread variety internationally. It is one of the higher yielding varieties, normally harvested while green to cater for Sevillian tastes and is highly appreciated for its flavour and quality as a table olive. In fact, the manzanilla could be regarded, in the eyes of the public, as symbolic of table olives.

The tree of this variety has certain morphological singularities: with widespread branches, medium crown density and medium to low ‘vigor’, which refers to the capacity of the tree to grow in thickness and height. 

The manzanilla leaf also has some peculiarities compared to other varieties, it has an elliptical shape of average length. But it is in the fruit where its main characteristics lie, being an especially round and symmetric olive.


The “gordal sevillana” is a variety destined exclusively for table olives. The amount of its “flesh” makes it ideal for consuming whole, whether marinated or stuffed with peppers, pickles… A aperitif greatly appreciated by olive lovers. 

Its appearance is very characteristic, above all for its large size. The gordal olive can weigh up to 12 grams, and is of a slightly oval, asymmetric shape with a rounded apex.

The tree where the gordal grows is higher and more upright than the manzanilla tree, with more elongated leavess.

These are the most recognizable features of the “Bella di Spagna”, as the gordal olive is also known beyond our borders.


Do you know why this olive variety named like in this way? The name, ‘hojiblanca’, is due to the silver colour of the inner face of its leaves.

The hojiblanca is the most cultivated olive in Spain. Also known by the names “Casta de Cabra” or “Casta de Lucena”. Resistant to drought, the hojiblanca olive performs excellently against the cold winter temperatures. 

The tree is upright with a taller trunk than other varieties. The leaf is more elongated and its silhouette resembles a spearhead.

The olive has a more oval form than the manzanilla, and is ideal for the preparation of black olives, thanks to its especially firm and consistent pulp which maintains an optimum texture during the entire production process.