More than 40 years of leadership and love for our land

Agro Sevilla

In 1977, a group of olive-growing cooperativas decided to join forces to build what is today Agro Sevilla. As Eduardo Pérez, Ex-President of the Olivarera de San José de Lora de Estepa cooperative, affirms “The cooperatives started from zero and Agro Sevilla was a success: the efforts of 9 cooperatives united to start exporting the hojiblanca olive together”. 

Forty two years later, in 2019 we are the world reference and leading exporter of table olives in Spain. In 2018 Agro Sevilla had an industrial capacity of 80 thousand tonnes, with a turnover of 152 million euros. All of which is thanks to our 4.000 associated farmers.

Our leadership in figures

Since 1994, the year we became the leading exporter of olives in Spain, Agro Sevilla has been expanding its business to more and more countries. Specifically we now export 95% of our producción, which is distributed among more than 70 countries. Furthermore, our volume of exports has led to our distribution centres in the U.S.A. and Italy.

These two countries,  together with Saudi Arabia, occupy the top three positions  on the list of countries to which Agro Sevilla exports a large amount of olives. In fact, 54% of the total number of olives consumed in Saudi Arabia are from our cooperatives.

We also offer our own brands, Coopoliva, Agro Sevilla, Seville Premium and Olicoop, which accounted for 35% of our sales in 2018. All of them have been recognised for their quality at the major international trade fairs, such as Foodex or Sial China.

Of our olives, the black olive has the highest demand internationally, making up 68% of exports. If we focus on the olive varieties, the hojiblanca (81%) is ranked in first place, ahead of the manzanilla (12%) and the gordal (7%). 

These figures would have been impossible to achieve without each and every one of the workers that make up Agro Sevilla. The 400 people that work in Agro Sevilla and the 4,000 farmers of our cooperatives are the real protagonists of this model. As Manuel Núñez, Ex- Presidente Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Herrera, asserts, "Unity is strength; the important thing is the value of the people and the value of all the cooperatives together; like a family. We are like a family.”