Olive consumption in different countries

Agro Sevilla

The olive is an essential product in houses and restaurants all over the world, its nutritional qualities and flavour enthralls millions of consumers. At Agro Sevilla we experience the success of olives first hand. Annually producing more than 80 thousand tonnes, which we export to more than 70 countries. Figures which make us world leaders in table olives and among the biggest ambassadors for this product which is so representative of Andalusia.

Global consumer trends for olives have evolved in recent years. According to the International Olive Council (IOC), table olive consumption has increased 178.7 % since 1990. 

Spain is without doubt a global power in terms of the production of this rich food. At Agro Sevilla we specialise in three olive varieties of the highest quality: Manzanilla, Hojiblanca and Gordal. How are they enjoyed by international consumers? Below we can see some examples.

In the Japanese market, the olive is increasingly popular with the public. Traditionally the Japanese consumer wasn’t familiar with the product and it was seen only as an ingredient in other dishes. However, olives are gaining followers in Japan, it is more and more valued every day and seen as a gourmet product of the Mediterranean Diet.

The olive market in Russia grows every year. Olives are a product perfectly adapted to Russian tastes. Although not a part of the daily Russian diet, demand is high and olives are often included in Russian recipes, such as the traditional soup "Solianka". Black olives predominate over green, although these are  widely consumed as an aperitif to accompany drinks.

In Poland, consumption of table olives has also increased considerably over the years. It is used mainly as a dressing in the preparation of dishes, above all in salads and pasta, although olives are increasingly being introduced into the gastronomic culture of the country as a snack or aperitif before meals. 

Table olives are seen as a select product in the Indian market. They are major olive consumers in this country, which creates great culinary interest and is associated with sophisticated taste. Sliced, pitted and stuffed olives prevail, with the Hojiblanca variety being most popular.

This product is also very appealing for the countries of the Middle East, where Arabia Saudí stands out as the main export market. Table olives are increasingly consumed as an aperitif and are adapted to the gastronomic culture of the country. Coopoliva, our leading brand, is the one which has conquered the palate of the arabian market, primarily with whole black olives. A value that makes our olives a renowned product in the Middle East is their Halal certificación, a guarantee of quality according to the preferences of those countries.

Olives have many uses in Spanish gastronomy and their versatility goes beyond that. Not only is it enjoyed as an aperitif or ingredient in recipes, it also constitutes a staple food of the Mediterranean Diet with endless culinary possibilities. We can assure that there is an olive recipe tailored to each consumer and adapted to diverse lifestyles all over the world.