The nature of the olive tree, the olive tree in nature

Agro Sevilla

It is estimated that in  Andalusia there are 175 million olive trees, that is to say, 20 olive trees for every Andalusian (trees which are also undoubtedly Andalusian). As a result of that magnificent presence, the olive tree has succeeded in shaping an incomparable landscape, a unique feature of the land, an iconic reference point of Andalusian nature. A strong and fruitful tree that has evolved over the centuries to create an ecosystem in perfect harmony.

The olive is a millennial tree. Its natural origin is tied to the ‘acebuche’, the wild variant of the tree. However, it was within the ancient mediterranean civilisations that its use as a tree of cultivation spread and its marvelous fruit, the olive, was exploited. The olive tree was introduced to the Iberian peninsula by the  the Phoenicians, and since then it has become a tree that is completely integrated into the Andalusian environment.

Respect for the environment

Today, the Andalusian olive fields provide a paradigm of sustainability between human beings and the natural world. In the world of olive trees, agricultural activity has coexisted with nature in a model of respect and mutual benefit. A sustainable agriculture that Agro Sevilla is very conscious of via a system of integrated production

The result of all this is an authentic mediterranean woodland of admirable longevity and resistance, with distinctive flora and fauna. The wealth and diversity of birdlife stands out, with quails, partridges, finches… as well as various birds of prey, eagles, kites, turtle doves, owls… These endemic ecosystems so deeply rooted in the earth also promote the preservation of the environment in a particularly solid and durable way.  The Andalusian olive trees are examples of the great dedication with which our farmers take care of the countryside. Plant cover that aids biodiversity and protects the soil against erosion and desertification, or ground capable of acting as natural firebreaks, are some examples of the contribution the olive tree with respect to the environment. Another reason to consider the Andalusian olive groves as a World Heritage Site.