Olives in summer: the benefits of a healthy and refreshing food

Agro Sevilla

Any time of year is good to enjoy a fruit as delicious and healthy as the olive; however, in summer, a series of circumstances make this product a perfect ally in our day to day lives. Agro Sevilla offers you olives of the highest quality in a range of products that preserve all its beneficial attributes from the tree to your table. Ideal to eat in summer.

It's customary that our leisure hours are extended during the summer months at the same time that our physical exertion intensifies. The good weather encourages us to take part in watersports, outdoor activities and enjoy more hours of sunshine; but we also increase our consumption, sometimes in an inappropriate manner. Olives have nutritional qualities that help the body in these circumstances. The olive is considered a great option to “snack” between meals in a healthy way and it is increasingly used as a really interesting ingredient in refreshing recipes, ideal for the summer. Here, we highlight for you three important benefits of olives for this season.

Olives promote hydration of the body 

Staying properly hydrated is always important, even more so in summer. The arrival of high temperatures and increasing physical activity increases the loss of water from our bodies. Experts recommend drinking around 2 litres of water a day. Olives are approximately 50% water, so they contribute significantly to that hydration, helping us to recover body water balance (the difference between the consumption and loss of water in the body).

They provide our body with minerals

Minerals are essential elements for our body, which is why it is very important to include food in our diet that has them in sufficient quantity. These products rich in minerals are even more important in summer given that sweating removes  important minerals from our body, such as sodium or magnesium. Among the many properties of table olives, its high sodium content stands out, as well as other essential minerals like iron, calcium or magnesium.

Olives are a source of vitamins

Vitamins are a wonderful ally to fight against the tiredness, exhaustion or insomnia that high summer temperatures can cause. Olives are an excellent source of vitamins. Above all, they contain an important amount of vitamin E, with valuable antioxidant benefits for our body. Their vitamin A and C content also stands out, strengthening our immune system.