Our Co-ops: Alameda Cooperative


Did you know that Agro Sevilla is the union of 11 Co-ops, that represent more than 4,000 olive growers? Our Co-ops are the heart of Agro Sevilla. This month find out more about Alameda Cooperative.

Alameda Cooperative

La Purísima Concepción de Alameda, Soc. Coop. And.

Member of Agro Sevilla since its establishment in 1977, this cooperative is based in Alameda, a town in the province of Málaga, only 15km away from our plant in La Roda de Andalucía (Sevilla). It consists of 400 members, which have about 5,000 hectares of olive trees of the “hojiblanca” variety. 

The Alameda cooperative has two main sections (table olives and olive oil) and two secondary sections (credit and supplies). 

Table Olive section:

  • Processing capacity: 400,000 kg
  • Storage capacity: 10,300,000 kg

Olive Oil section:

  • Processing capacity: 660,000 kg
  • Storage capacity: 2,280,000 kg

According to Mr. Javier Jiménez, manager of the Alameda Cooperative, “being a part of Agro Sevilla allows our growers to ensure the sale of their production at a higher added value”.