Our colleague Alejandro Espejo proclaimed Champion of Andalusia in Para Dressage


We have a good reason to celebrate. A recent achievement obtained in equestrian sport has made the whole Agro Sevilla family happy. 

At the end of October, the latest edition of the Andalusian Championship of Para Dressage took place in Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz. The event was held in Dehesa Montenmedio, and included the participation of an employee from Agro Sevilla, Alejandro Espejo Lanzas, who was declared winner of the Para Dressage grade VI category, defending the title won last year.

Alejandro has been a part of Agro Sevilla since July 2014 and works in the maintenance warehouse of our production plant in La Roda de Andalucía. 

Alejandro claimed victory in the Andalusian Championship on his horse "Operario VI",  a brown-coloured 7 year-old, of pure Spanish race, with whom he scored an average of 65'172 %. After receiving the prize, Alejandro expressed his joy with these words: "I’m happy to have been able to reach my goals. Let's keep working!". 

Agro Sevilla opts for accessibility

Agro Sevilla has a firm commitment to equality and improving social conditions of our community. In keeping with our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, we carry out different annual events to benefit society and collaborate with associations and NGOs from our communities. Furthermore, this spirit is something that forms part of the company’s culture. In this way, our Code of Conduct highlights the need to fight against any kind of discrimination and promote the integration of everyone, especially the most vulnerable who find themselves in an situation of risk, sickness or disability.

The goal accomplished by Alejandro Espejo Lanzas is a prize for perseverance and improvement, but it's also a prize the whole Agro Sevilla family sees as their own. Well done Alejandro, for being an equestrian champion, and a champion every day of your life!