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Our cooperatives are the heart of Agrosevilla

Cooperativism is in our DNA. Agrosevilla was born as a joint effort and to this day, the company continues to beat to the rhythm set by our farmers, cooperatives and workers. This joint effort represents the cooperative spirit that characterises us, the commitment to a common project and authenticity in everything we do.

In the words of our Marketing Director, Finbarr González, during his appearance on the program “Tierra y Mar” on Canal Sur, “table olives are a tremendously social sector”. At Agrosevilla we understand the sector as a chain where farmers, cooperatives and producers join hands, forming a solid and efficient line with a common goal: to bring their olives from the heart of Andalusia to the rest of the world.

Proud to promote economic growth in our local environment.

With each beat, we give a boost to the economic and social growth of our region. At Agrosevilla we generate more than 4,000 indirect jobs through 12 member cooperatives and almost 400 direct jobs in our workplaces.

At Agrosevilla we are clear that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand. Without forgetting our roots, we see innovation as a strategic lever driving the growth of the company, our cooperatives and the social environment.


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