There is an unrivalled fruit capable of summarising the character and flavour of the Mediterranean culture; this is the olive.

It inspires a delightful culinary experience full of personality. Ideal as an appetising snack or a versatile ingredient, the olive is also the origin of the so-called ‘liquid gold’, the world-renowned olive oil.

Green Olives
Our green olives

Green olives are picked carefully so that the fruit is not damaged. Afterwards, our olives are "cured" by a process that eliminates the natural bitterness characteristic of raw olives and they are preserved in brine. Green olives are very suitable as an appetizer or to add a tasty and healthy touch to any recipe.

Processing green olives
Black olives
Our black olives

Olives are green when picked directly from the tree, but through an oxidation process, which accelerates the natural ripening of the fruit, we get them to acquire black skin tone and brown flesh. Their mild flavor combines perfectly with any other ingredient, which makes them ideal for pizzas, sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc

Processing black olives


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