Puente Genil, an olive-growing town that lights up Christmas


There are certain environments of our land that make even more special moments like Christmas: the Andalusian olive grove and towns like Puente Genil are a good example of this. A town, Puente Genil, with which Agro Sevilla has a close relationship.

The most famous Christmas lights

Puente Genil has always lived Christmas intensely, but a few years ago its fame has grown enormously. The LED lights that are designed in this town for Christmas have gone around the world.

Within our geography, cities such as Seville, Malaga, Madrid or Barcelona have already worn this decoration. And beyond our borders, big capitals such as London, New York, Las Vegas, Munich or Tokyo already know what it is to decorate their streets on Christmas with lights manufactured in Puente Genil.

To the authentic Nativity scene that is in itself the Andalusian landscape of olive trees, hills and rivers, Puente Genil has added this new attraction on Christmas. A way to give light to the festivities and to make even more luminous this emblematic town of Córdoba and of all Andalusia.

The Co-operative Ntra. Sra. de los Desamparados

Puente Genil is a town closely linked to olives and, of course, to Agro Sevilla. The best example of this relationship is the Co-operative Ntra. Sra. de los Desamparados, integrated in Agro Sevilla and that contributes an annual volume of 3,200,000 kg. of table olives to the production of the group.

In recent years, the co-operative has undertaken important modernization actions on its facilities and, in the medium term, it has new planned improvements, such as the expansion of the unloading yard or the installation of a color selector for the reception of olives. All this only underscores the innovative and tenacious spirit that defines the cooperatives of Agro Sevilla and its workers.

Any time is good to know Puente Genil, to cross its bridge and contemplate its churches and manor houses. But now the reason is twofold: to enjoy Puente Genil with the spectacular backdrop that illuminates its Christmas and of so many places.