Table olive packaging

Agro Sevilla

At Agro Sevilla we work to ensure that natural products of the highest quality such as our olives reach the tables around the world in perfect condition. To achieve this goal, it is essential to follow a rigorous packaging process.

How is the packaging process in Agro Sevilla?

If we want to fully understand the packaging process of our olives, we must go back to the moment they are harvested in our olive groves. During harvesting, our expert olive growers prove their perfect knowledge of the olive life cycle and apply the best olive picking techniques.

Once harvested, the olives are sent to the cooperatives. Agro Sevilla has twelve cooperatives, where the product is received and undergoes a first classification for quality and size. Green olives undergo a fermentation process, while those that will be destined to become black olives are preserved in brine until they are taken to our processing plant in La Roda de Andalucía.

In 180,000 square meters, our industrial plant in La Roda has intake and sorting areas, storage tanks, processing and packaging lines, as well as warehouses and loading docks.

In our factory, the product is subjected to continuous quality controls. Olives, after their curing process, are prepared according to the different presentations. Thus, the olives can be pitted, stuffed, sliced ​​or whole.

When it is packaged, either in glass, can or bag, the product is subjected to a thermal process, which will be pasteurization in the case of green olives, and sterilization, for black olives. This ensures that olives retain all their properties. After the thermal process, containers are labeled and packed so that they can reach any destination in the world. As global leaders in table olives, we export our Seville Premium, Agro Sevilla, Coopoliva and Olicoop brands to more than 70 countries.

Types of packaging

Consumers can purchase Agro Sevilla products in different packages and formats. The three main types of packaging in which our olives are presented are the following:

Glass jars

We can consider glass jars as the most popular container, a classic format in the market, both for sellers and olive consumers. In our plant in La Roda we pack more than 400 bottles per minute.


Agro Sevilla packages up to 5 different can formats. Our packaging lines allow us to pack up to 800 cans per minute. A highly resistant packaging option, with the added advantage of preserving the product from light.


This is a very interesting type of packaging in the market. In our factory we pack up to 200 pouches per minute. It is a very attractive format to take olives as an appetizer.

Our La Roda de Andalucía plant holds the ISO 14.001 quality certificate as a guarantee of sustainable production and respect for the environment.