The Andalusian agro-food industry, a model admired throughout the world


Andalusia is reaping the rewards (quite literally) of sustained exemplary work in its agro-food industry. The Andalusian agricultural sector is a model that serves as an example worthy of imitation over the last few years for other economies. Companies such as Agro Sevilla are witnesses and creators of this expansion that inspires admiration around the world. Wherever we go, we proudly fly the flag of our people’s endeavour - people who have proved capable of leading global markets from the heart of Andalusia with unique products such as table olives.

The Andalusian agro-industry is a sector in renewal. Its evolution over the current century has been strong and bold, always looking to the future and mindful of changes in technology, consumer habits, even weather or geostrategic fluctuations. Today, the Andalusian agricultural sector is the key economic driver for the region, thanks to a new innovative production model ensuring sustainability and environmental conservation, product quality and positioning that increases exports, and the creation of added value that generates employment and energises life in our communities. 

Agriculture is the main bastion of Andalusia's trade balance. Leader in agro-food export volumes at the Spanish national level, Andalusia has proven competitive on the world stage, leading the European market and climbing positions every year in the rankings of markets like Asia. Agro Sevilla is the best example of this model of success and leadership, not without reason the leading producer and exporter of table olives in the world.

Environmentally friendly production 

Andalusia has taken a step forward with a sustainable agricultural model which helps to preserve the value of nature and landscape in our environment. The olive grove itself is a perfect example of agricultural activity related to the landscape, to the point of being a fundamental element in the definition of a cultural identity tied to a unique ecosystem. Without doubt, the Olive grove is inherent to Andalusia and is part of its natural wealth, forming a woodland that encourages the growth of endemic flora and fauna.

The institutions of our communities promote circular economy criteria to better manage resources in the agroindustrial sector. A model has been developed that advocates for a more productive agriculture, more resistant to changes in the weather, more vigilant of soil quality. A low environmental impact, in short, which is even permitting the recovery of arable land in previously barren areas, with subsequent benefits to the natural environment and socioeconomic fabric.

Agro Sevilla’s Integrated Production System shares this respect for natural biodiversity, reconciling environmentally friendly practices and promoting sustainability in all phases of agricultural activity and production. The entrepreneurial modernisation of the andalusian countryside also lies in these sustainable practices, capable of adding even more value to a product of extraordinary quality.