The saying in Spanish "New Year, new life" is well known, and most probably we all have said it more than once at the beginning of a new year. The truth is that, despite the difficulties, the evolution of the olive world is a story of success, the result of collective effort and the unquestionable quality of a food that stands out in the whole world. Perhaps it is not a new life that the olive groves need, but a little health in the form of more water resources.


Despite the drought, more and more quality

The world of the olive tree keeps looking at the sky. The accumulated drought in recent years has resulted in a lower harvest in Spain, a little more than half a million tons, of which almost 80% comes from Andalusia.

Given this circumstance, the olive industry has to keep moving towards a market strategy focused on quality. Some of the keys to achieve this purpose are to make more product pedagogy, sharing with our consumers the qualities of Spanish olives, offer a wide range of varieties and preparations, and value the excellence of our product.


Continue leading the world market

Spain is the world's leading producer of table olives and, specifically, Andalusia, the region with the most agricultural land dedicated to the olive tree, some 100,000 hectares.
Undoubtedly, the Andalusian olive grove plays a leading role in the agriculture of Spain and, of course, is key in our socioeconomic fabric, in the structuring of the rural world and, increasingly, in our trade balance. The increase in exports of table olives has been demonstrating in recent years the great capacity and efficiency of our industry to compete in other markets. An international expansion that is led, all over the world, by Agro Sevilla.