The culture and lexis of the olive grove


The world of the olive grove aspires to be recognised as a Patrimony of World Heritage, a unique symbiosis of landscape, ecosystem, history, culture and character. Olive groves are strongly associated with Andalusia, a defining factor of its identity, from the natural environment to its traditions, economy and cultural heritage. 

At Agro Sevilla we want to contribute to the preservation of that identity, staying true to the values which have made us world leaders in table olives and promoting the prosperity of our communities. Today we look at the rich vocabulary of our fields, to those special terms from the olive world that define a unique way of life.

Ten words to take us into the culture of the olive grove

1. Camada

In an olive grove, the space between two rows of olive trees.


2. Entresaca

Small maintenance pruning of the olive trees during their annual cycle.


3. Envero

Ripening process during which the olive turns from green to black.


4. Espuerta

 Basket with handles used to pick and transport agricultural produce such as olives..


5. Haldera

Branch that grows at a low level on an olive tree..


6. Harapera

Short stick which is used to shake the olive tree.


7. Macaco

Basket to recover the olives that fall from the tree during ‘el ordeño’.


8. Ordeño

Manual technique to harvest table olives.


9. Vareo

Traditional olive harvest technique using blows to the tree branches with a stick.


10. Verdeo

The harvest season of green table olives is defined as verdeo