The history of Agro Sevilla recalled by its protagonists

Agro Sevilla

The history of Agro Sevilla is more than 40 years old, a lifetime in the dizzying business world. But its significance and social dimension surpasses the sphere of business. Agro Sevilla is rooted in the Andalusian character of sacrifice, simplicity and nobility of spirit. The history of Agro Sevilla is the story of a miracle bound to the earth, to Andalusia. The world leadership of Agro Sevilla in table olives is an example of achievement and a love of things done well. The story of the Andalusian miracle is told in our olive fields and its protagonists narrate it: the people of the olive.

Forty years ago a group of cooperatives decided to join forces in what was the seed of present-day Agro Sevilla. Since that day it has rained a lot (and of course, there have been years when it hardly rained at all); a lot of living and suffering. The effort of all those people that made the miracle possible should be recognised. That Agro Sevilla is today the largest producer and exporter of table olives in the world is because of its workers and farmers.

Testimonies of a business miracle

There are many personal stories behind the success of Agro Sevilla. Here we can see five accounts compiled as a sample of the commitment that the company workers have always shown for this common project called Agro Sevilla.

"Unity is strength; the important thing is the value of the people and the value of all the cooperatives together”. Manuel Núñez, Ex-president of the Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Herrera S.C.A. and one of the founders of Agro Sevilla, highlights the feeling of comradeship with these words that has always characterised cooperative life, in general, and life in Agro Sevilla, in particular. The larger Agro Sevilla family is still here, even with the current scale of the company being present in more than 70 countries. 

Miquel Pons, Area Sales Manager for Agro Sevilla Italia since 1977, highlights la condición de líder de la empresa: "Agro Sevilla today is the envy of the sector and a global benchmark as leader of the olive world".

Everything started in 1977 with a key decision, not without courage. Eduardo Pérez, Ex-president of the Cooperativa Olivarera San José de Lora de Estepa, S.C.A. and one of the founders of Agro Sevilla, remembers: “The cooperatives started from zero and Agro Sevilla was a success: the efforts of 9 cooperatives united to start exporting the hojiblanca olive together”. 

Since then, Agro Sevilla has become a model of success for many reasons. Heraclio Montaño, Ex-president of the Cooperativa Olivarera San Isidro de Gilena and also President of Agro Sevilla for more than 25 years, comments that the company "has always distinguished itself for its quality and seriousness in the provision of services, because one of the things that the client most values is that they are always dealt with properly".

Gabriela Oliva, former employee since 1981 in la Roda de Andalucía plant, accentuates equality, and highlights that "Agro Sevilla was a pioneer in matching the salaries of men and women".