The support of Agro Sevilla for the social organisations of our communities

Agro Sevilla

Agro Sevilla is an organisation closely tied to the reality of daily life in its communities, fully involved in their economic and social development, and totally committed to the wellbeing of their people. Agro Sevilla doesn’t only contribute to the prosperity of the Andalusian towns where it operates with its core business, but also actively supports all kinds of social initiatives that help vulnerable groups or those in need and improve quality of life in our communities. 

An example of this social commitment, is the annual award of cheques by Agro Sevilla to different charitable organisations to support their commendable work on behalf of the community.

This year the organisations that received this recognition by Agro Sevilla were the Aspadig Association, Cáritas Gilena, the Badolatosa Association Against Cancer, the Abadis Badolatosa Association and the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocío in Écija. Let’s learn a little more about these organisations.

Aspadig Association

Aspadig is an association dedicated to caring for people with intellectual disabilities. It was created by a group of parents from Gilena who shared the same experience, having children with some kind of intellectual disability. From there, the association grew and today has fifteen members from Gilena and its surroundings between the ages of 8 and 30.

Cáritas Gilena

Cáritas is the official organisation of the Catholic church in charge of the promotion and coordination of social and charitable activities in different dioceses. The Cáritas volunteers in Gilena implement these charitable initiatives in the community with admirable drive from the parish of the Immaculate Conception.

Abadis Association

Abadis is an association established in Badolatosa to help people with physical, psychological or sensory disabilities. Abadis contributes to the integration of these people with special needs via a wide-ranging program of activities that include, amongst other things, visits and workshops.

Association Against Cancer (Badolatosa)

Also in Badolatosa, the Association Against Cancer was set up in 2012. This association collaborates with professionals in oncology and other fields of medicine, supports other associations from different regions; conducts information campaigns on the prevention of and fight against cancer, and offers support to patients with cancer in the community.

Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocío, Écija

Another organisation that has received an annual contribution from Agro Sevilla is the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Rocío in Écija. Created in 1973, this brotherhood carries out important social work in the astigitano community to help those most in need.