These are the architects of the miracle of Agro Sevilla


The employees of Agro Sevilla, our cooperatives, farmers and customers are the pillars that have made our global leadership possible, a miracle cultivated from the beginning.

Agro Sevilla has recently turned 40 years old. During this time, our people have shown a constant ability to strive and grow. From that moment in which five cooperatives came together to establish what is now Agro Sevilla, our direction has been closely linked to the social and economic fabric of the Andalusian countryside.

The value of the Agro Sevilla team

Today Agro Sevilla is a world leader in the production and export of table olives. An emblematic product of Andalusia that contributes to the development of our community, in which Agro Sevilla plays a fundamental role.

With the determination of our growers, as well as the confidence of cooperatives and customers, Agro Sevilla has reached something unthinkable when all this began. That's why we talk about a business miracle, carried out by people from our land.

This human miracle is based on the more than 400 people who work at Agro Sevilla and the 4,000 farmers who are members of our cooperatives.

Agro Sevilla was a pioneer in salary equality

Our people make possible a more prosperous life in our villages thanks to their daily commitment, their respect for the environment and the efficient management of resources. Our social values ​​define us at all levels of our activity.

Equality, respect for diversity and the fight against any type of unlawful discrimination are hallmarks of the people who are part of the company. Agro Sevilla was one of the first entities in our area to establish a gender-equality salary policy. We believe in a respectful balance with the environment, people and resources.