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Hojiblanca olive

Also known as Casta de Lucena, Lucentino, Xinxolera, Azufaifa, Mancanenca or Mancanet, the Hojiblanca olive variety owes its name to the silvery appearance of the underside of the olive leaves, which give it a characteristic metallic shine.

This olive is cultivated mainly in Andalusia, where there are 265,000 hectares, especially distributed between Córdoba and Málaga, Seville and Granada. Its production is intended both for consumption as table olives and for obtaining olive oil. The oil is highly appreciated for its high quality, and is especially interesting in coupages with other varieties, although it is not very stable.

In turn, the pulp of these olives is firm and consistent, which is why they are ideal for preparation as black olives by oxidation of the Californian type, since during the production process they maintain the characteristic texture of this variety. The pulp-bone ratio is high, but its separation is difficult.