Why Andalusian olives fascinate Arab consumers

Agro Sevilla

As a world leader in the production and export of table olives, Agro Sevilla has become a champion of Andalusian olives in more than 70 countries. Among all these areas of the world, it is worth highlighting the strategic importance of Arab markets, whose consumers increasingly prove to be true lovers of our olives.

The data confirm this passion

The Middle East is one of the areas with the greatest weight in the annual turnover of Agro Sevilla.

The relevance of Arab markets for Agro Sevilla is indisputable. And within this strategic region, Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly the most significant country in sales.

A commercial event that every year represents an important boost for Agro Sevilla in the area is Gulfood, the largest agri-food fair in the Middle East. Gulfood takes place in Dubai, and there are already many editions in which Agro Sevilla is present. Last February the 24th edition took place at the World Trade Center in Dubai, where Agro Sevilla participated with its own stand located in the Spanish pavilion.

Coopoliva and Halal certification

Our Coopoliva brand is the best positioned in the minds of Arab consumers in the table olives category. The degree of identification of our brand with the consumption of table olives is very high in these countries. So high that, for the Arab consumer, the Coopoliva label is perceived almost as a synonym for the product, and by extension, as the best quality guarantee of the Andalusian and Spanish olives. And a curiosity: of all our varieties and presentations, the favorite for our Arab customers is the whole black olive.

Agro Sevilla has adapted and refined the product to the requirements and preferences of these countries. In this sense, one of the achievements has been obtaining Halal certification, a seal of quality assurance with which Agro Sevilla markets its products.

That our olives comply with Halal regulations means, first of all, that our production processes have passed strict quality controls. On the other hand, the elaboration of our Halal olives is governed by the corresponding religious precepts on ingredients, utensils and protocols audited by the Halal Institute. There is no doubt that all of this is highly valued in the Arab market and adds to the inherent quality of the Agro Sevilla olive.